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High Tail Hall High Tail Hall

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Artist skills man

Obviously, you have skill, and you know it ^_^. So feel good about it, but don't stop there, improve further!

The animation was decent, the gameplay was kinda simple, and the art is very good. You're pretty brave to place something like this on newgrounds. a significant percentage don't know what animal porn is and might confuse your game for it. But then again these are the same people who are quite underaged and ignore important things like the 18+ rating in big numbers.

By the ways, i also made some furry games, cause you made you own game i think you'd like to see what i made. just check out my profile.

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Insane Orb Insane Orb

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

A fun game worth playing

This game is great! it seemed kinda boring at first, with the regular pong, but every new aspect that i found in the game, made it better. Shooting shots, gravitational areas, falling blocks, and pacman on crack!

The pacman part seemed to be coicidence, but the music at the end made me pretty sure... that this was partially inspired by my games, Sonic the Pervert 1 and 2. Hehehe, awsome! It made my day.

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Arrogancy Game Demo Arrogancy Game Demo

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

From a gamemaker to another

What's up?

My name is Steve Farfan. I've seen your some of your past stuff and this current game. I would comment about how much skill you got, but you already know how much you have, and don't need the flattery. I've made two games, sonic the pervert 1 and 2. What i've learned is from making them, is trying to listen to the reviewers. Score does count, reviews do count, and they give a good idea of where a person's submission stands if it's been on the front page.

Mostly because a large varied audience gets to look at it, people who like the genre, well wishers, angry people, and haters. the first two are easy to catch, the 3rd one is hard to. Alot of people who review my first game, sonic the pervert... have cussed it to hell. my average on reviews on the first game is about .6 less than yours. Anyways, thru all the good and bad stuff that people say, there are important problems that they point out... and then it's left up to us one man teams to figure out how to fix em.

Here are the things that may need attention in your game. Speed, art, music, and originality. Speed is the toughest part, but if you think about it, there is alot of ways to optimize your game, so that it doesn't move like a snail. for one, remember the size of your screen. i zoomed into the game and saw that their were alot of details you put into the art. good for you, bad for the player. too much detail just isn't needed... cause most people don't play the game zoomed in... and it slows the computer uneccessarily.

This is what i did to optimize my art.
1. draw the art by hand
2. ink it
3. scan it into the computer (utterly black and white)
4. import it to flash and let macromedia trace the picture.

after that try optimizing the drawing further
select your drawing, go to modify, then optimize.
when it's done optimizing, it says how many lines and curves make and has made the drawing. if it's over 500 for a small drawing, it might be too much for a standard computer. you may need to optimize further... either by hand... or by computer.

basically, by simplyfying your art... without hurting the quality people see... you make the game faster at no expense to you or the viewer. (keep a copy of the high quality version, in the past i accidently deleted them and found out later i could of used them in close-ups.)

and if you must include the high quality models... please give the player an option to switch between the two.


1. give the person more variety, consider letting the person turn it off.

2. while voices aren't music... good voices can help your game considerably. (i might be able to help you there, listen to sonic on sonic the pervert 2... i did his voice.)


i can't help you there buddy, if i did, it wouldn't be original.

Take a look at the first game and the second game i made please. It might give you ideas n stuff.

also... drawing art is time consuming. It's true, i drew most of the art in my own games from scratch. I'm currently tryin to learn a free 3d program called gMax. i'll make good models and then just move them to make my animations. i personally think that will be faster than drawing the art by hand, in the long run. Try it out dude, it could save you so much time.

personally, i'm interested in what your thoughts are. I love to hear what people say. good and the bad. You don't need to answer me. Either way, i hope this review helps you.


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Chubecko lab v.1.1 Chubecko lab v.1.1

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nice trick with the colors

The flash program seemed simple enough till i realized that the colors for it were quite advanced...! For that alone i gave you a 5.

That part particulary impressed me! Is it possible that you could send the source of the code to make that color variations to me?

Art- decent
music- i did not have my sound on. so i can't review it
humor- kinda cute
interactivity- animations for the character would be a nice improvement.
violence- could not find any
style- looks original to me

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djquackquack66 responds:

the color trick is quite simple...
i used the [color movie clip].setRGB(rgb)in my action script.
... setRGB is fun to play with but i'm not very good at explaining it...

please visit website with tutorials like flashkit or whatever.